More About NAPO


NAPO was an initiative from a group of owners who decided to formalize an existing Construction plant owner’s group.

This decision was taken in order to promote the Development, Relationships and Trust within the Plant Hire Industry, between the Plant Owners and the Contractors.

Our group identified the current problems experienced in the Industry
which Napo Aims to Resolve to both Clients and Suppliers :

  • From a Client’s perspective:

    -Finding machinery that are in good operating condition, reliable, and complying to standard requirements.

    -Having the surety that machinery will be delivered on time, and actually get’s delivered, especially when a client paid upfront for the hire thereof.

    -Ensuring the supplier have proper Administration in place

    -Ensuring the supplier comply with the OHASA Act, the Compensation Commissioner etc...

  • From a Supplier’s perspective:

    -Ensuring clients are trustworthy.

    -The ability to bargain for collective buying, resulting in better discounts from Parts suppliers and Equipment dealers.

    -Giving Plant Owners peace of mind with regards to Payment Arrangements, assistance with their Administration needs, and help with sourcing the best Parts suppliers and maintenance company’s.

Our Goals

The National Alliance of Plant Owners is formed to provide an open platform
for Clients and Owners of equipment to provide shared and mutual services.

Our Alliances and Partners

Forming an alliance with  established, major company can reduce the influence of other companies.

Joining a regional alliance isn’t just about networking with other Construction companies, and growing as a professional. It’s about realizing financial advantages.

When a couple of companies join up and take hands with big Suppliers , Napo can negotiate on your behalve to get the best price available. Would it be to buy Spares , tyre's ,vehicles or new machines for your fleet ,Napo just make financial sense !